Container of the Week – clue/polipo

A HTTP proxy is an essential component if you have a slow Internet link, or are simply doing a lot of builds that require downloading a lot of data. I like the Polipo caching HTTP proxy as it’s simple and single threaded. I was a bit sad to discover that Polipo is no longer maintained, as of August 2016. Hopefully it will remain useful for sometime yet or maybe even be picked up by a new maintainer. Continue reading “Container of the Week – clue/polipo”

Container of the Week – kaggle/python

Machine Learning is a very popular field at the moment and is something that’s in the news and geek culture a lot.  Kaggle is a machine learning competition site where you can take part in a (usually sponsored) competition to apply your skills and solve a real-world problem.

Putting aside the controversial nature of spec work (read no!spec and this Wired article for some background) Kaggle have put together a pretty nice container image for getting started with machine learning. Continue reading “Container of the Week – kaggle/python”

Changing a Docker container’s restart policy

While researching another article I discovered that it’s now possible to change the restart policy for a container without stopping, deleting and re-running it. Apparently this has also been possible for quite a long time, since Docker 1.11 was released in April 2016.

The docker update command allows you to change the configuration of a container in several ways. To change the restart policy use the ––restart command line option:

$ docker update --restart=always CONTAINER

Container of the Week: gettyimages/spark

This week we are looking at a container for Apache Spark. Spark is a cluster-computing framework for data processing, in particular MapReduce and more recently machine learning, graph analysis and streaming analytics. Clustered systems are sometimes difficult to run on a single machine, for example a laptop or desktop, as this use case is often not given a high priority by developers. Luckily, there is the gettyimages/spark image available for those who wish to quickly and easily explore the Spark environment.

Continue reading “Container of the Week: gettyimages/spark”